Felix Mink

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About the new novel:
“What Rufus was about to do was illegal, and if he was caught, there would be no official protest from his peers; his mentor would deny everything and let the administration do their worst. As far as his mentor was concerned, as soon as Rufus was in the field, Rufus was a deniable asset. That rule was rigid; artists had been lost before, swallowed up into the penal bureaucracies of some of the world’s most inhospitable states, never to be seen or heard from again. Just imagine doing performance art in Texas? And yet, some artists–artists Rufus knew personally–had attempted it and been destroyed. The call of the avant-garde was strong, and if something went wrong or the audience was carrying concealed handguns… well, a few crippled artists made it back to NYC alive–the lucky ones–but they had to live in Brooklyn. The prospect of a life spent in Brooklyn was not a pleasant one: Rufus preferred his mommy’s apartment on the East Side. Nervousness, even for an artist as experienced as Rufus, was not an unreasonable response in these circumstances. Would his art be enough to carry him to the heights he imagined? It had better be, gosh darn it.”
About Felix Mink’s style:
Felix Mink’s novels are mock spy thrillers with allusions to PG Wodehouse, Cervantes, and Henry Fielding–with a sprinkling of Voltaire and God to keep things highbrow. If you would like to try his new novel for free, just tell me where to send it. Sign up is easy and you can unsubscribe at any time.
Felix Mink is a fifth generation grandson of H.I. Peterson, the founder of the Independent Review in Litchfield Minnesota. Felix’s grandfather sold the paper in the 80s and became a snowbird, traveling between Texas and Minnesota, and Felix has tried to keep that snowbird habit. Felix writes plays, essays, and humorous action adventure stories about an art student named Ruefulous Pugh. Connect with Felix more personally by visiting the usual social media spaces and searching @thefelixmink or sign up for his starter library and receive the occasional update via email.