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About Felix Mink’s style:

Felix Mink’s novels are mock spy thrillers with allusions to PG Wodehouse, Cervantes, and Henry Fielding–with a sprinkling of Voltaire and God to keep things highbrow. If you would like to try his new novel for free, just tell me where to send it. Sign up is easy and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Follow the Journey

A wizard once said that everyone wishes to escape their own time, but we must live the time we have been given. Following this advice, our family became bohemian–that is, hippies with a business plan. We wanted more culture, art, fresh fish, and sea views; we wanted to withdraw from mass production, the petrol economy, and forced obsolescence, but–like so many in the middle class–we have much less than we had ten years ago. So, how could we make a change? We sold our car, left our apartment, and bought a van, which we call Gancho de Madame Oriol. We live in Gancho for nine months a year to travel Europe; in the summers, we migrate back to central Minnesota with the loons and nest in our Cave of Montesino. We sell books. We sell paintings. We live the time that has been given to us.